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Entrepreneurship and Responsibility –
as we experience and live it…

“Entrepreneurial thinking is deeply rooted in our company and characterizes our actions through and through. It extends into all areas including the cooperation with clients, our own corporate culture and as part of The Stern Stewart Institute.

With our clients we find answers to the core issues of management and in our approach we remain unaffected by short-lived trends. We take the liberty to form an independent opinion and stand up for it. Entrepreneurship for us means to take part in the success of our consultancy projects because we are convinced of our work and are therefore willing to take a risk.

Entrepreneurship doesn’t stop at the company’s door, but, instead, it is alive and lived in The Stern Stewart Institute. We look for dialog with entrepreneurs and leading thinkers at our Annual Summit. And we assume responsibility in Burkina Faso and Ghana through development projects to which every single person in our team can contribute.”


Markus Pertl, Managing Partner