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Verankerung des Wertmanagements in der Stahlindustrie durch eine weltweite Kommunikations- und Trainingsinitiative

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Starting situation – how do you get from a value management concept to an actual management instrument?

Value management has become a popular buss term that can be found in many annual reports. Our customer had also implemented a sophisticated, value-centered management system within the company. However, the focus on value was not communicated effectively at the operational level, and therefore was not actively practiced by the workforce. As a result, the value-centered management system remained purely a management concept, instead of being the basis for operational decision-making in the individual units.

Project approach – using training to breathe life into value management

In order to breathe some life into the value management concept within the organization, a global communication and training initiative was launched. Managers were provided with the necessary information, as well as the relevant decision-making tools. By simulating everyday situations during the training sessions, understanding and acceptance of a value-centered approach were promoted within the organization. Thanks to these measures, the value management concept was successfully implemented in the central management processes throughout all levels of the organization.

Finding – effective change management is critical for success

The introduction of a value-based management system always needs to be followed by an implementation phase anchoring the new management system consistently within the organization. Only in this way will a value management concept become an effective instrument for strengthening business performance in the long term. Otherwise, it will remain nothing more than a statistic in the annual report.


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