Stern Stewart & CO. GmbH
Salvatorplatz 4
80333 Munich

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Executive Summary

We do not just want to keep up, we want to win. Win against the established competition and against start-ups and the Valley. We want to increase decision speed. Silo thinking and traditional hierarchies drive us crazy. Cost-efficiency remains on the agenda and we consistently apply new, digital technologies. We have to get employees convinced and offer them new development paths. The megatrend digitalization and our VUCA world demand a fundamental rethinking of the organization of a company.

But how to do it? We should begin to transform our entire company into a Next Generation Corporation (NextGenCorp). This is an organization consisting of a platform, project swarm and a radically new plexus. We believe both together are possible: flexibility and entrepreneurial freedom while at the same time realizing best practices and scaling economies.

We first separate the platform and the project swarm and then align both towards a common goal in the entrepreneurial plexus. We organize the platform by processes and digitalize it proactively. We eliminate bureaucracy and hierarchies through a swarm of projects. We give the entrepreneurs in the company the freedom to use the platform and mandate the swarm. We believe in a revolutionary and holistic target picture and a flexible roadmap for implementation.

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