2 Days

CEO for 2 Days Workshop26.-27.01.2023


Take the helm of a large international company. Prove yourself here and show how a business should be run. Experience the decisions that managers have to make in their daily work. What factors do they take into consideration? How does management increase the value of the company?

Stern Stewart & Co. invites interested students to a two-day workshop. As part of the workshop you become the CEO and make business decisions with your team that increase the value of your company. No limits are placed on entrepreneurial dealings - you decide how you will optimize internal and external business processes.

Stern Stewart & Co. Consultants assist you in working out your solutions and report on projects from real cases. If you are fascinated by business processes and you want to learn about running a business from the perspective of top decision-makers, please apply today and spend two exciting days with us.


The deadline for your application is 12.01.23.


Any questions? Our colleague Iman is happy to help:

Iman Dridi, Recruiting Coordinator