WOMEN ON FIRE.Online Event.

Consultants of tomorrow: watch out!
We want to celebrate International Women's Day with you - and our Stern Stewart counsellors show you what they are burning for. The world of counselling plays a big role, of course, but there is so much more ... Our colleagues will take you on a 360° journey through the Stern Stewart universe. What awaits you?


Consulting // real insights behind the scenes of Stern Stewart. In a Q & A session you will have the opportunity to ask our Managing Partner, Markus Pertl, your questions. Of course, you will also get to know our female consultants in a speed date.

Impulse lectures // more Women! Independently of Stern Stewart, we have invited female role models ... two career women who could not be more different. The multi-faceted career woman Pascale Witz, who spent 30 years at the top of the healthcare industry and is now a director of several companies. The independent entrepreneur Annemarie Heyl founded the Hamburg-based label Kale&Me with two friends in 2015. This label is a household name for absolutely everyone who is involved in juice cures and the like - there is no getting around it.
Both career women have managed to make a name for themselves with ambition, courage and clear visions - there is certainly a lot to report!

Training // Playing with power - how women assert themselves. Marion Knaths, best-selling author, founder and coach for ambitious career women, will provide you with important tips & tricks - AHA effect guaranteed.

Winetasting & Talk // Based on our Stern Stewart team events in digital times, we will then move on to the social part - absolutely deserved after such an eventful day! We will review the day over a small wine tasting ...

On 11 March from 10 a.m.

Online - MicrosoftTeams

Until when can you apply?
5 March

How can I apply?
Just send your documents (short cover letter, CV, academic & practical references to