Management SummaryStern Stewart Research // Volume 65

Industry 4.0 has become the all-dominant vision for the future of industrial production. The technologies and IT systems it is based on are already far advanced and their benefits and importance for remaining competitive are undisputed.
Now manufacturing enterprises are faced with the challenge of transforming the Industry 4.0 vision into reality – especially in their operational processes, manufacturing and IT strategies as well as company structures. And they need to define a clear path to this reality.
A typical case from the mechanical engineering industry in this study shows that the most complex change does not lie in how companies apply individual technologies, but in developing a company-wide Industry 4.0 strategy and linking together heterogeneous processes and systems, because this is the only way to fully exploit the cost and sales potential that Industry 4.0 offers. What is more, Industry 4.0 will also bring about enormous changes in the structure of staff and company, and these will have to be dealt with.

1. Changes in operational processes resulting from Industry 4.0 2. Strategic dimensions of Industry 4.0 in the IT and production strategies 3. The road to the destination – cornerstones of the implementation roadmap



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Dimitri Belobokov

Dimitri advises clients across a range of manufacturing industries. Underlying his consulting work is one common theme: Bringing together process know-how and business sense to drive operational excellence at the same time as financial performance. Dimitri is an accomplished conductor of symphonic orchestras. As the founder of a trading house in post-communist Moscow, he is a non-executive director of one of the world's premier commodities traders.

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Gerhard Nenning

Gerhard focuses on strategy development, typically followed by organizational transformation. His creative and rigorously independent thinking has impacted strategic decisions in growing as well as contracting businesses. Often going against the grain, Gerhard has devised ambitious growth strategies outside of the client's initial comfort zone. Conversely, he has helped prevent multi-billion investments which in hind-sight would have been crippling. In his capacity as the Executive Director of the Stern Stewart Institute, Gerhard shapes the Institute's agenda of dialogue with leaders in business, politics, and science.

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Damian Reichwald