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But just like in chess you need all the pieces engaged in an smart and flexible strategy to protect the king and win the game.
In times of crisis liquidity becomes significantly more important. Volatile markets require more resilience and available financing can quickly dry up. Optimizing your net working capital provides you with the needed flexibility to release trapped cash shortly, to avoid covenant breaches and to steer your company in turbulent times.



Stern Stewart & Co. is the independent strategy boutique. With a truly entrepreneurial team of independent thinking personalities.
The center of gravity of an open universe of cutting edge know-how. Advising clients in strategy, transaction, performance and

Dr. Wulf Rendtorff

Wulf is a real asset in all transaction and transformation challenges. Holding a PhD in Law, he combines sharp business sense with thourough legal expertise. With 15+ years of managing key growth initiatives, developing portfolio management solutions and optimizing business models, Wulf is the one to talk to before jumping shortsighted into big transformations. He has advised on complex corporate finance solutions and deals including their organizational integration throughout all industries, making him an in-depth expert in M&A transactions and negotiation support worldwide. As a passionate golfer, Wulf definitely knows that it is all about strategy, mindset and picking the right spot – skills that come in handy in his project work, too.

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Johannes Tüxen

Johannes main focus is on advising clients in pre-/post-transaction situation to support profitable growth and liquidity build-up. His pragmatic and hands-on attitude accelerated the turnaround and financial return for numerous clients. His experience ranges from DAX30 1bn€ cash initiatives to developing profitable business models of digital platforms or preparing the sale of a PE-based company.

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Robert Dominovic

Roberts work is focused on digital strategy, digital transformation and definition of disruptive business models for international corporations across different industries. Besides his digitization experience he has had a strong track record in transformation and restructuring projects. Over the last years he successfully completed more than 20 projects across 10+ countries. Robert holds a Master degree from the University of Economics and Business in Vienna.

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