New concept for the planning process in the automotive industry

Project objective: : Improving planning efficiency, quality, and transparency

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Starting situation – a lengthy planning process was affecting the up-to-dateness of targets and raising false expectations

The planning processes in an internationally active automotive and mechanical engineering company were long and drawn-out, and involved a series of time-consuming adjustments.
This produced not only partially excessively high budget figures at the end of the process, but also called for enormous resource requirements for planning purposes. Executing the planning using various tools without standardized rules resulted in poor transparency and limited planning reliability.

Project approach – using standardized tracking to achieve greater planning transparency

The central element was the creation of a common planning basis for the entire group. Quantifiable factors, clear acceptance rules, and explicit responsibilities were used for this.

The complex planning processes were brought under control by creating a standard action tracking tool that bundled the individual programs in the divisions. An extensive communication program was a crucial factor to ensure sustainable implementation. The key persons and all those involved in planning were trained and involved in the project from day one.

Finding – technology isn’t everything – only sustainable implementation delivers the goods

Supporting tools are essential in complex planning situations. However, these frequently tend to involve a high level of complexity, and therefore a lack of transparency. On the other hand, the speed and reliability of the planning process can be increased only if users are familiar with the new planning tools and processes from the outset. Communication and training during the introduction are important in this context. Established process structures can be transformed and planning tools customized for the individual company only if they are accompanied by intensive monitoring.


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