You are up to more than a classic consulting internship?

1 recruiting process,
1 contract,
2-3 different working experiences.

Create your perfect experience: starting with 3+ months of strategy consulting, you can add up to 2 more internships.

We are consulting pure  - your journey starts for 3+ months at Stern Stewart.
Next stop: truly innovative start-ups in our network – AI assistant askbrian, revolutionary energy venture, air mobility designers …
Or: We offer you the real PE experience at Stern Stewart Capital, our investmentarm.
You want even more change & impact? We let you experience social entrepreneurship at its best at our own university Burkina Institute of Technology in Burkina Faso.


What's in it for you?

We promise not only the best insights and most different experiences you can get out of one program. You will be part of our Stern Stewart Family, shaping your independent mind and voice by taking this unique chance.
Apply now! Please mark in your letter of motivation that you are applying for the NextGenInternship (NGI) and let us know why you are the perfect match for this program!

Apply via our online application form or via email to


Become part of the entrepreneurial projects of our Stern Stewart Institute! Support one of our projects on-site in Burkina Faso or Ghana, e.g. at our own university - The Burkina Institute of Technology.

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Join our investment arm and get the real PE experience. From target screening to deal preparation and valuation, or even working at a portfolio company - you learn what it takes to work at the core of a turnaround and growth investor.

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Our Stern Stewart & Friends universe is full of exciting chances. In this part of you NextGenInternship, you will join a start-up. You'll truly impact the business development of energy revolutionaries, shape the future of air mobility solutions or help digital assistant Brian grow.

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Consulting? Start-up? Private Equity? Or social entrepreneurship? You can´t decide? No worries! Our NextGenInternship makes everything possible. Reach for the stars with us and get your 360°- Company experience. A deep dive into our open universe of know-how guaranteed.


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