Fields of Gold? Competing with Irrational ExuberancePeriodical 10 // JUNE 2014

In the editorial of our first edition of the periodical, I focused on the Distribution of Wealth. I argued that the highest priority should be to reduce the social and fiscal burden on lower and medium income. Why should there be higher taxes on work than on capital returns or inheritance?
This is no doubt a hot topic, and even more so today.
The editorial of our 10th anniversary edition for our periodical will be written by my hardest critic yet strongest supporter, creative mind and Director of The Stern Stewart Institute, Gerhard Nenning.
I would like to thank all of the friends and members of The Stern Stewart Institute and the 80 authors for their stimulating articles and for lending us their bright entrepreneurial minds. Special thanks go to David Marsh for the cooperation with the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum as well as to Don Chew for his collaboration with the Journal of Applied Corporate Finance. And, of course, I cannot forget all of the helping hands.
Let me assure you that I am more than grateful to be part of this strong network of leaders and pioneers, and I am very much looking forward to our Annual Summit in September, where we will gather and continue our entrepreneurial dialog in person, in most vivid discussions.
For now, let’s turn the page and start with this 10th edition of The Stern Stewart Institute’s Periodical.