Management SummaryStern Stewart Research // Volume 67

Digitization has been a high priority of CEO’s for a long time now. But as soon as the first “digital awakening” is over, the topic is often delegated to areas like product development or IT. Specially established teams of competent experts led by a CDO focus on making the digital transition happen. In most cases, however, they have no real executive mandate. Nonetheless, any show of determination must be followed by the unequivocal identifica-tion of any potential impacts on the company, beyond mere abstract megatrends. At the same time, the focus must not be solely on technical innovations or disruptive business models. Without the appropriate management and organizational models, digital recon-struction will remain just a piecemeal affair.

Yet how can changes be spotted at an early stage? How can the required adaptability be achieved? And how can flexibility and reaction times be improved? Also, do we really all need to become as agile as startups? Furthermore, are we prepared to accept that a high proportion of companies will fail? The aim must be to identify the opportunities presented by the digital age and systematically exploit them. Agility is definitely the right way to achieve this aim. Equally important, however, is the direction from which you start out toward it.



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Sibo Sollors

Sibo loves to embrace the client´s problems as his own and typically advises across very different areas at the same time. After returning to Stern Stewart for good several years ago after years of managerial responsibility in an industrial corporation, he is passionate about solving complex business issues, especially in restructuring and turnaround situations. Maybe his passion for semi-professional cooking allows the simultaneous focus on multiple hotspots, or maybe it's a required skill trained by his little children.

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