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Economic crises like COVID-19, and disruption generally, act like fire accelerants for ailing companies. Incipient commoditization of the Business model and changing customer needs can quickly push a company to the brink. For banks and shareholders, the immediate question in such cases is whether further financing of the restructuring is reasonable and can be achieved within the required time. In these circumstances, a consultant is not enough: the parties need an experienced partner who can manage the situation and set the direction
for all stakeholders.



Stern Stewart & Co. is the independent consulting boutique. With a truly entrepreneurial team of independent thinking personalities. The center of gravity of an open universe of cutting edge know-how. Advising clients in transformation, transaction, performance, and strategy. Stern Stewart Capital is our investment arm. With a striking impact for our clients, investors and the society at large. Creating target value in transformation and turnaround.

Dr. Wulf Rendtorff

Wulf is a real asset in all transaction and transformation challenges. Holding a PhD in Law, he combines sharp business sense with thourough legal expertise. With 15+ years of managing key growth initiatives, developing portfolio management solutions and optimizing business models, Wulf is the one to talk to before jumping shortsighted into big transformations. He has advised on complex corporate finance solutions and deals including their organizational integration throughout all industries, making him an in-depth expert in M&A transactions and negotiation support worldwide. As a passionate golfer, Wulf definitely knows that it is all about strategy, mindset and picking the right spot – skills that come in handy in his project work, too.

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Ralph Hesse

Ralph has an impressive track record of over 10 years in our company. He has a razor-sharp analytical brain with a truly creative and out-of-the-Box mind. Being able to put complex things into boxes as well as to think and create value beyond all boxes, Ralph has developed and shaped strategic decisions: a vast range from M&A to corporate finance to operational improvements - you name it. When it comes to large-scale transformations, Ralph focuses on the real business impact, with just the right amount of pragmatism navigating the organizational maze of corporations. Maybe it comes from his passion for photography - but Ralph truly masters the oxymoron of being focused whilst seeing the big picture!

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Sibo Sollors

Sibo loves to embrace the client´s problems as his own – and he has successfully been the keystone in most complex projects for almost 20 years now. Sibo’s clients can be found across all industries – from the technology sector to real estate development, to automotive and mobility Industry. Being fascinated by disruptive technologies, he combines visionary ideality with profound strategic methodology. With the head in the skies and the feet firmly rooted on the ground, he is the one to make quantum leaps in organizations and business models reality.

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Robert Dominovic

Roberts work is focused on digital strategy, digital transformation and definition of disruptive business models for international corporations across different industries. Besides his digitization experience he has had a strong track record in transformation and restructuring projects. Over the last years he successfully completed more than 20 projects across 10+ countries. Robert holds a Master degree from the University of Economics and Business in Vienna.

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