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Customer Centricity is Key.
We are in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and many companies are in pure crisis mode: securing supply chains and managing costs and especially cash. This is important but there is
evidence that the economic crisis will last longer – until at least Q4 2020. So it is not just about managing the crisis but about equipping sales to win market share and utilize the crisis.

90% of economy is psychology

The economy in almost all Western countries is shut down to some extent, and unemployment rates are soaring. Even if the crisis only lasts for a few weeks, there will still be uncertainty about the possible return of Covid-19 in the autumn. A highly perceptible downturn combined with future uncertainty is poisonous for our economy. Even if the EU Commission implements a new Marshall Plan for Europe and the Maastricht criteria are suspended, our collective psychology makes fast recovery very unlikely to happen.
Assuming a high level of uncertainty over the coming months, the ability but even more the willingness to consume and invest will decline. The supply shock will be followed by a demand shock and intensify the crisis – a vicious cycle.



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Gerhard Nenning

Gerhard focuses on strategy development, typically followed by organizational transformation. His creative and rigorously independent thinking has impacted strategic decisions in growing as well as contracting businesses. Often going against the grain, Gerhard has devised ambitious growth strategies outside of the client's initial comfort zone. Conversely, he has helped prevent multi-billion investments which in hind-sight would have been crippling.
In his capacity as the Executive Director of the Stern Stewart Institute, Gerhard shapes the Institute's agenda of dialogue with leaders in business, politics, and science.

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Robert Dominovic

Roberts work is focused on digital strategy, digital transformation and definition of disruptive business models for international corporations across different industries. Besides his digitization experience he has had a strong track record in transformation and restructuring projects. Over the last years he successfully completed more than 20 projects across 10+ countries. Robert holds a Master degree from the University of Economics and Business in Vienna.

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