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Gerhard Nenning Senior Partner

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Gerhard Nenning specializes in corporate management and has extensive experience in the areas of strategy, organization and corporate finance. His projects range in topics from the development and implementation of corporate and business sector strategies, mergers and acquisitions and financial corporate management right up to organizational structuring and restructuring as well as organizational change processes.

His clients include international corporations and mid-sized companies in a range of sectors such as technologies and plant engineering, retail and consumer goods, real estate, the energy sector as well as the service and media sectors. As a result of his mandates in Continental Europe, the UK and North America, he can draw on extensive international experience.

Gerhard Nenning is the Cofounder and Director of The Stern Stewart Institute and publisher of the Periodical which appears twice a year. Moreover, Gerhard Nenning is a lecturer for corporate management at the University Vienna.

After training to become a banker at a major German bank, he studied economics and political science at the University of Cologne and at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Thereafter he worked as a consultant in Canada and Germany. He has been working for Stern Stewart & Co. since 1999.