…AND SO DOES THE APPROACH. Structured. Fact-based and state-of-the art.

World is changing fast…Capital costs. Supply chain disruptions.
Inflation. Environment. Regulation. Barriers.

One thing is clear…your production footprint is outdated. Most likely.
It has been out there for ages. An asset, a liability, and a lot of legacy.
But it is there to provide a competitive advantage today and in future.

You have to re-think it. What a task.
Internal resistance is enormous. Discussions rather emotional.
Facts not transparent. Provided solutions rather traditional.
It is time to think out of the box. All the dimensions to be managed at the same time…

…Create facts with high-end analytics. Reflect your strategy.
Find the fact-based optimum. Find creative solutions. Drive transformation.

The good thing: it ain’t no moonshot...



To be successfull, it takes a true team effort.