GETTING THE RESULTSPMI the 21st century way....


“What a brave and strategically crucial acquisition…”
“Thanks! And what amazing synergy potential…”

“Houston, we have a problem!”

Calculating synergy potential is fairly easy. Getting the results typically isn’t. Once the obvious
synergies have been realized, the game gets tougher. Comparing apples with pears, lacking
transparency, and the devil is in the detail is what we often hear.
We believe that the current standard approach just isn’t right. It’s like using a pocket
calculator and a pencil to engineer a car. Typically, over 80% of processes and every single
component, product, and service is data-driven. So no more pocket calculators and pencils
– let’s do it the 21st century way.
After four weeks with our own proprietary stack on Palantir Foundry, we’d created a data
lake making apples and pears comparable. After six weeks, we knew exactly where the
potential was and thouroughly understood the price involved. After eight weeks, we kicked
off the synergy implementation.

Houston, problem solved!



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