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Under the umbrella of ‘functional excellence’ almost all companies have pursued major, mostly successful efficiency programs. Functional cost went down, standardization increased, automation went up. Also, speed and flexibility of internal support functions to react to changing business needs have improved. So are we all there yet?

Industry 4.0 - from the Vision to Reality

Industry 4.0 has become the all-dominant vision for the future of industrial production. The technologies and IT systems it is based on are already far advanced and their benefits and importance for remaining competitive are undisputed.
Now manufacturing enterprises are faced with the challenge of transforming the Industry 4.0 vision into reality – especially in their operational processes, manufacturing and IT strategies as well as company structures. And they need to define a clear path to this reality...

Big Data - Business Analytics at Management Board Level

Technological developments have led to an explosive increase in the amount of data in companies in recent years.And the pressure to use these data is great, with the competitive advantage lying in learning more quickly than others.

Attack of the Nonbanks - Agenda for the New Banking Economy

Thousands of new FinTechs have shot out of the ground, and they don’t limit themselves to payment transactions anymore; they are competing directly with the core business of traditional banks...

Cost Out - How to successfully cut costs

Global competition forces companies to optimize their cost structures – even those companies that did not have to worry about price-oriented competitors in the past due to their superior technologies and outstanding product characteristics...

LEAN 4.0 - Ensuring Sustainable Functional Excellence

Slow decision-making, various interfaces and complex functional governance - all too familiar problems in corporate management.

PLANNING 4.0 - Mobilizing Potential in the Planning Process

The evolution of corporate planning has been characterized over the last decade by more attention to detail, new planning tools and extended planning horizons. The increased complexity that this brings with it, however, today impedes companies‘ ability to act and quickly react in a volatile market environment.

Why Own It? Separating Ownership from Operations with Capital Light

The low interest rates and excess liquidity in the market have reached unprecedented levels. Institutional investors are desperately searching for alternative investments. At the same time, several industries face a significant need for investment but operate at a relatively high cost of capital.